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I deliberately avoid making New Year’s resolutions.  Why?  Because, like most people, I used to start the year with the best intentions, make resolutions, and slowly let those resolutions slip away as the days passed by.  Now, instead of making resolutions, I commit to lifestyle changes immediately, whenever I come across one that needs to be made.  Not only does that let me seize the opportunity when it arises, but it also makes it so much easier to get back to my new lifestyle if something takes me away from it.

As a beauty & lifestyle blogger, I am constantly trying new things.  Trying new products is a habit I developed and enjoyed even before becoming a blogger.  While there is nothing wrong with trying new products, there is something to be said for having a routine.  A routine can be especially beneficial when it comes to caring for your skin.  That’s why one of my lifestyle changes for 2016 is to create and stick to a skincare routine.

Aside from washing my face in the morning and at night, and using sunblock, I have never followed a regular skincare routine.  I can easily go months without doing part of a normal skincare routine simply because I haven’t made a commitment to do it.  Sometimes I exfoliate, sometimes I don’t.  Sometimes I use a toner, other times I won’t. And so on, and so on.  This is true even when I see that a particular practice or product has been helping my skin.  So this year I will find and commit to a skin care routine that includes cleansing, exfoliating, toning, nourishing and protecting my skin.  Even if the products change, I want to commit to doing all those steps, regularly, throughout the year.  This should be a fun lifestyle change for me and I’m excited to see the results!

It is equally important to know when to let go of old products.  So another lifestyle change is just that; getting rid of the old (for good) and embracing the new.

It’s been a few years since I started my transition to using clean makeup and skincare products.  All throughout that transition, I’ve been tempted by some of my former not-so-clean favs.  After all, how can I resist the occasional spritz of my beloved Burberry Brit Eau de Parfum?  Or the instant false lash look that Diorshow Black Out mascara gives my faint lashes?  Giving up such products, after using them for years, is no easy feat.  In 2016 I’ll allow myself to finish my stash, but not buy any more beauty and skincare items that are not the cleanest, most effective products I can put my hands on.  This will give me an excuse to shop more redouble my efforts to find clean and effective products, that will hopefully become new favourites that I can share with you.

Last, but not least, another 2016 lifestyle change is to travel to at least one new place this year.  I travel fairly regularly, but tend to go to the same places more often than not.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but my wanderlust constantly craves new adventures.  In 2015, I had the good fortune of traveling to Memphis, Tennessee for the first time, and returning to Chicago, Illinois for the first time in about ten years.  While those places might not be exotic or far off for me, they were both fantastic trips because I got to explore cities that were new to me.  So in 2016 I plan to keep the momentum going and visit at least one new destination, no matter how near or far.

All of these beauty and lifestyle changes are easy, fun, or something I look forward to.  But I also have a lot more substantial lifestyle changes to figure out.  Some of them will even include things that will affect this blog, and hopefully have a positive impact on you.  I look forward to making and sharing those changes with you soon, and throughout the year.  So here is to a happy, healthy and productive 2016!  If you have recently made any lifestyle changes, or plan to make any in 2016, share them in the comments section below.  That way we can all support each other and be accountable together.


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