Bekura Beauty Whipped Custard Body Soufflé Cream in Fig Julep (8.0 oz)


Bekura Whipped Body Souffle in Fig Julep

With a silky smooth texture and faint scent, this light body lotion is perfect for summer. Bekura’s whipped soufflés easily absorb into the skin and are non-greasy. No need to look behind you to see if there is an oil-slick off the seat. This lotion melts right in and dries quickly, leaving your skin moisturized and lightly scented with the fruity and distinct, barely there fig julep fragrance.

Bekura Whipped Body Souffle in Fig Julep Open

When it first arrived in the mail I was disappointed and didn’t care to open the package; from the outside it smelled so incredibly strong, which was an instant turn-off. The different scents from my order had probably combined and intensified in the warm summer heat. When I finally opened the package the products had cooled off, the scent was no longer overbearing, and my senses were happy as can be. Figs are yummy, but I’ve never really noticed what they smell like. And I’ve certainly never had a fig julep. But from my first use to the last, the smell and texture of this body soufflé have been second to none.  Of course the chemical emulsifier and preservatives could be replaced with natural alternatives.  Bekura does not hide the fact that certain products are less than 100% natural.  But another cause for concern lingers; this lotion, like all of Bekura’s body soufflés, is scented with that mysterious and infamous ingredient known as “fragrance.” And nowhere on the website or packaging does it say whether the fragrance is phthalate-free.

Bekura Whipped Body Souffle in Fig Julep Ingredients

Bekura’s website lists the fig julep line as a seasonal scent, but the body soufflé seems to be part of its regular product line.  Regardless, I hope the fig julep scent is around next summer.  While this has been one of my go-to products for summer 2015, I’ll have to wait and see if there is any more info about the “fragrance” ingredient before repurchasing this body soufflé. Oh, and in case you are interested, the 8.0 oz container lasted for nearly two months.


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