The Best of Summer 2017

  Daily blogging and vlogging trends a few times a year and, for the first time ever I briefly considered participating in a daily blogging challenge: Blogtober.  Fortunately, I quickly came to my senses and decided against it.  However, in researching the idea I was inspired to create a new…

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Ice Cream Scented Lip Balm? Yes, Please!

There are some things in life that, when you discover them you can only ask “where has this been all my life?!”  My most recent lip balm discovery is one of those things.  After Hurricane Irma ravaged the Virgin Islands on September 5, 2017, we, like the vast majority of…

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Happy Second Anniversary!

Happy birthday to us. Happy birthday to us. Happy biiirth-daaay! Today, on, September 15, 2017, Chidi Beauty turns two! Chidi Beauty’s second blogiversary is a day of appreciation.  Chidi Beauty’s first blogiversary fell right after our inaugural trip to Indy Beauty Expo, New York.  There, I met the incredibly nice…

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The Natural & Organic Brand That Delivers Kissably Soft Lips

As a beauty consumer I tend to feel immature when it comes to lip products. The reason?  It started even before I was old enough to have my own money to spend.  Ever since I was a child I have loved lip balm. I still do to this day.  It…

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The Secret Spice Scent You Need in Your Life

No, I am not talking about a sixth Spice Girl or the newest drink from Starbucks.  Rather, the secret spice scent that you need is brought to us by Live Inspired Organics.  Live Inspired Organics makes “all natural beauty products crafted with love, joy & peace.”  If these three attributes…

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