Bekura Beauty Bath Sugar Sorbet in Fig Julep (10.5 oz)

Bekura Bath Sugar SOrbet in Fig Julep

You’ll want to use Bekura’s Bath Sugar Sorbet in Fig Julep to exfoliate from neck to toe.  This body scrub is both luxurious and effective.  For those who like to exfoliate at the beach, think of this as an upscale alternative for the weeks (or months or years) when you just can’t make it to the shore line.

Bekura Bath Sugar Sorbet in Fig Julep Open

Their website describes this scrub as 97.5% natural, and a “lavish formula . . . crafted to intensely condition skin without leaving behind a greasy coating.”  True to their word, this oil based sugar scrub exfoliates, then melts into your skin, leaving it smooth, moisturized, and scented with the same unique, fruity, fig julep scent as Bekura’s Fig Julep Body Soufflé.  But a word to the wise; cleaning the tub afterwards is a must!  That greasy coating that isn’t absorbed by the skin doesn’t evaporate into thin air.

Bekura Bath Sugar Sorbet in Fig Julep Ingredients

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