The Best of Fall 2017

The Best of Fall 2017 •


Season’s greetings dear readers!  Christmas was yesterday, and while it surely must not feel like it for most of you, the official start of Winter was only five days ago.  As tends to happen, one season has passed and another is upon us all in the blink of an eye.  With December 21st marking the official first day of Winter this year, it’s time for us to catch up on the best of Fall 2017.  Chidi Beauty’s inaugural “The Best of” post was a fun opportunity to reflect on and write about the events that stood out in my life this past Summer.  Hopefully it was equally enjoyable for you to read.  Thank you for returning to join me as I reflect on the past three months, and feel free to share your “best of” in the comments section below.



The Best of Fall 2017 - Beauty Heroes Subscription Box Septeember 2017 •

Have you noticed that when you really love a product or a brand you want to  share it with the world?  At least that’s how I tend to feel.  So it is of no surprise that I had chosen a completely different product for this category and actually started writing about it, but changed my mind when I opened Beauty Heroes’ September 2017 subscription box.  The September 2017 box featured two products from SkinOwl – a green beauty brand that is a cut above the rest.  The hero product, SkinOwl’s Beauty Drops P.M., is a self-described “skin perfecting moisturizer.”  The sidekick, Beauty Whip, is what SkinOwl calls a “buttery face mask.”  Both products feature maqui berry, a power antioxidant, anti-inflammatory ingredient that boasts a high concentration of the polyphenol delphinidin.  Using both or either Beauty Drops P.M. and Beauty Whip before bed leaves me with soft, moisturized skin in the morning.  Using them together guarantees I will wake up looking rested.  I also notice Beauty Drops P.M. gradually improving my complexion.  These two skin care products will undoubtedly be in my beauty routine for a long time to come.


The Best of Fall 2017 - Ben & Jerry's Waffles in Puerto Rico •

Regular readers of this Chidi Beauty may remember from my Ice Cream Scented Lip Balm post that I spent a few days in Puerto Rico in September.  That trip was not a planned vacation.  Rather it was somewhat of an evacuation following Hurricane Irma, the first category 5 hurricane to devastate the Virgin Islands that month (Hurricane Maria was the second).  Even though it wasn’t a planned vacation, I enjoyed my stay tremendously thanks, in part, to the kindness of strangers.  East Island Excursions, a private charter company, was one of many private operators that used their vessels to bring supplies to and evacuate people from the Virgin Islands.  We traveled with them and arrived in Fajardo.  Our vessel was welcomed by government officials and volunteers, who also had snacks and water waiting.  They provided everyone with a free shuttle to whichever hotel each person had booked.  And our bus had an armed police escort.  I had many other great experiences during the following days in Puerto Rico, including discovering a Ben & Jerry’s that serves the most delicious waffles with organic maple syrup.  But the way that the people of Puerto Rico came to the aid of the Virgin Islands and welcomed us following Hurricane Irma is really what made the trip memorable.  Later, seeing the response that was given to Puerto Rico after it was ravaged by Hurricane Maria was simply heartbreaking.  The people of Puerto Rico deserve so much better.  But they are strong and kind and will rebuild.


The Best of Fall 2017 - Pumpkin Spice Latte •

Pumpkin spice everything!  Living in the Virgin Islands, pumpkin spice season usually passes me by without so much as a latte, pancake or flavoured treat of any sort.  But since I was in Puerto Rico and the DMV (D.C., Maryland and Virginia) for most of September and the first few days of October I tested the limits of my lactose sensitivity and enjoyed nearly three weeks of unrestrained pumpkin spice indulgence.  Of course it was impossible to take advantage as much as I wanted to – there are only so many calories in the day.  Nonetheless, there was a lot more pumpkin spice in my life than normal this Fall, and that made my taste buds very happy.


The Best of Fall 2017 - Lindbergh Bay Beach, U.S. Virgin Islands •

You would never know it judging by how often I go, but spending a few hours on a beach in the Caribbean, or any tropical climate really, is one of my favourite pastimes.  Fortunately, I live about a 15-minute drive from many beautiful beaches in the Virgin Islands.  This year I made a deliberate effort to go more often, and it has been rewarding.


The Best of Fall 2017 - The Big Chop Short Natural Hair •

I cut off all my hair!  Finally!!!  I have been wanting to do a big chop, on and off, for years now.  But it is finally a reality.  My bra-strap length natural hair is gone, along with the four-hour washing, deep-conditioning and twisting sessions that went with it, and it feels so good.  Today, on the cusp of a new year, I feel strongly about one of the many famous Coco Chanel quotes; “a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”  I have lots of changes planned for 2018 and hope that you will join me as they unfold.

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