The Best of Summer 2017

The Best of Summer 2017


Daily blogging and vlogging trends a few times a year and, for the first time ever I briefly considered participating in a daily blogging challenge: Blogtober.  Fortunately, I quickly came to my senses and decided against it.  However, in researching the idea I was inspired to create a new quarterly blog  post titled “The Best of.”

Shortly after the end of each season, I will share with you the best of what I used, found or experienced in five different categories during the season that just ended.  Since this is a beauty blog “beauty” will be the first category.  To keep things interesting I’ve also added four non-beauty categories: travel, food, entertainment and life.  Perhaps things will change along the way, but for now this seems like a good way to start.  So without further ado, I humbly present to you The Best of Summer 2017:




Summertime beauty means minimal to no makeup for me on most days.  Not only are Summers typically the warmest and most humid months of the year.  But living in the Caribbean means that Summertime heat and humidity can feel downright oppressive a lot of the time.  That being said, my favourite beauty product this past Summer was Josh Rosebrook’s Nutrient Day Cream SPF 30.  The product has changed slightly since I first fell in love with it, and an updated review is coming, but Nutrient Day Cream was my favourite beauty product by far during these past few months.




Last year one of my goals was to travel to more new places.  I have really fallen into the habit of traveling to the same places all the time, which is partly due to convenience, but mostly due to commitments and responsibilities.  This past Summer, as I do most Summers, I returned to Montreal, Canada, my hometown.  Going home is always great.  And there is nothing quite like Summertime in the city.  So my trip home this past Summer was definitely a win.



Food - Montreal Bagels FAIRMOUNT BAGEL

It seems like everywhere I look people are doing Whole30.  Or eating a Paleo diet.  I haven’t jumped on the Whole30/Paleo/low carb bandwagon just yet, but I know they typically involve eliminating certain categories of food from ones diet, such as those that contain sugar, grains, dairy and legumes.  While I am sure I would feel amazing following one of those eating plans, I have really been craving bagels, lox and cream cheese all Summer long.  Whether it is for breakfast, lunch or dinner I couldn’t get enough of this delicious combo.  I’ve loved bagels, lox and cream cheese since childhood, so maybe this is just my Summertime comfort food.  But regardless, I have done my best to support the bagel industry this past Summer.  And sorry New Yorkers, but the best bagels this Summer and every Summer are without a doubt Montreal bagels – especially fresh baked bagels from Fairmount or St-Viateur.



Entertainment - Fireworks LA RONDE

Fireworks! Nothing says Summer nights quite like a bright, bold and loud fireworks display.  It also doesn’t hurt that fireworks shows are usually free to attend.  My husband finds fireworks shows completely boring, and something meant for children, but I love them and will stop to watch any chance I get (usually dragging him along).  This year we went with a couple friends to see Poland’s entry, titled “Just Fun,” in the 33rd edition of L’International des Feux Loto-Quebec at La Ronde, in Montreal, Canada.  Which brings me to my next category.



Life - Wedding FLOWERS

Last and most important, is life.  After all, aren’t blogs really about tiny, specific aspects of this wondrous thing we call life?  Well, my life changed drastically this past Summer because I got married.  I’m still somewhat in disbelief myself.  Taken seriously, there are few life-altering events bigger than marriage.  So let the journey begin!


How was your Summer? What were the most memorable parts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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