Bubble & Bee Organic Design-a-Spray in Lavender Vanilla Toasted Coconut (3 oz)

Bubble & Bee Organic’s Design-a-Spray tool can be great in the hands of some people, and a disaster in the hands of others.  Bubble & Bee had a limited edition Lavender Vanilla Spray that I wanted to try but missed.  No problem, I thought, why not just design my own?  That would have been a good idea had I stuck to their formula.

Bubble & Bee Organic Design-a-Spray in Lavender Vanilla Toasted Coconut

Bubble & Bee allows you to combine up to three scents to create your own alcohol-based spray. These sprays don’t carry the guarantee that Bubble & Bee provides for its deodorants, but the combinations I’ve tried work perfectly as body sprays and deodorants in the cooler months.  So I decided to add toasted coconut to the spray.  Bubble & Bee’s toasted coconut has a unique scent that smells good with their lime scent, but doesn’t necessarily complement other scents that you might think it would.  Needless to say the toasted coconut gave the lavender vanilla spray an odd lingering scent that slightly overpowered the smell of lavender and vanilla.  It was quite a disaster; it doesn’t smell terrible and the scent isn’t very long-lasting, but the lavender and vanilla would have smelled better without the toasted coconut.  Next time I will most definitely follow Bubble & Bee’s recommendations when making a Design-a-Spray.

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