CurlMix Subscription Box – November 2015

Francheska Medina of HeyFranHey is easy to admire.  She took charge of her own health, solved a seemingly unsolvable chronic illness, stuck with her healthy lifestyle, and built that healthy lifestyle into a growing empire one bit of friendly and useful advice at a time.  Living with a chronic illness myself, I know all too well the struggle of knowing the healthy path and consistently walking it.  Having followed HeyFranHey online for quite some time, I was excited when I saw her promo for CurlMix‘s November box.  Finally, I would have a chance to make Francheska’s famous Whipped Mango Hair & Body Butter!


CurlMix Subscription Box - November 2015 Unboxing


CurlMix Subscription Box - November 2015 HeyFranHey Letter


This hair & body butter was easy and fun to make, and I really, really hope CurlMix offers this box, or another HeyFranHey collaboration again.  Even though I could go out and buy all the ingredients to make this hair & body butter, I’ve never been motivated to do so.  Especially with so many natural, ready made body butters out there, I usually prefer to order one online.  But being a longtime viewer of HeyFranHey, I’ve always wanted to try her hair & body butter and this was my chance.  CurlMix made that really easy by shipping a box of clean, quality ingredients, and tools, directly to me.  CurlMix also made it fun by letting me make a mess combining and mixing the ingredients myself, and packing the finished butter to be used and stored (and maybe shared if I can bring myself to part with a container).


CurlMix Subscription Box - November 2015 Kim & Tim Letter


CurlMix Subscription Box - November 2015 Contents



Having the ingredients, and almost all the tools and storage containers you need will bring out your inner mixtress, even if you didn’t know you had one.  I say ‘almost’ all the tools because even though CurlMix provides a whisk, I haven’t seen anyone make this butter using just a whisk.  And, except for Kandee Johnson (if you haven’t seen her whip cream by hand click here, you’ll be amazed at her energy), I can’t imagine anyone actually making this Whipped Mango Hair & Body Butter with a non-electric whisk.  Generally, heat or an electric mixer of some sort is used.  Making this butter gave me the chance to dust off the whisk attachment to my electric hand mixer.  Using it was easy, and I enjoyed seeing all the ingredients transform from hard butters and slippery oils to a light, fluffy and fragrant hair & body butter.


CurlMix Subscription Box - November 2015 Directions


Mixing Whipped Mango Hair & Body Butter


The finished Whipped Mango Hair & Body Butter is soft, light, fluffy and delicately scented.  My only complaint about the vanilla black currant scent is that CurlMix didn’t include a vanilla black currant perfume so we could enjoy the scent throughout the day.  But who knows, maybe a hair and body perfume will be in a future box.


Kitchen after mixing Whipped Mango Hair & Body Butter


Finished Whipped Mango Hair & Body Butter


The tiniest amount of this butter is all you need to moisturize your hair and body.  A little goes a long way.  And it feels luxurious and nourishing when applied to your skin.  Because of the rich ingredients, especially the oils, this butter does leave behind a pretty glow.  While it doesn’t make you feel gross or sticky, it might not be ideal for the warmer months.  Regardless, I’ll be glad to use this butter for as long as I can.


HeyFranHey and CurlMix Whipped Mango Hair & Body Butter


CurlMix is a great concept, and a nice, clean addition to the subscription box trend.  I look forward to supporting Kim and Tim, and Francheska, as they grow and succeed.


HeyFranHey's Whipped Mango Hair & Body Butter


Have you made HeyFranHey’s Whipped Hair & Body Butter, either through CurlMix or on your own?  How did it come out?  Will you make it again? Let me know in the comments section below.


  1. Kim from CurlMix
    December 14, 2015 / 10:30 pm

    This warms my heart. This was such an awesome review! Kudos to you for such quality. I’m so glad you loved it – I was cheesing through the entire read!Well, Tim and I were both cheesing. We are going to share this with our email list. I think they will love it!

    • chidibeauty
      December 15, 2015 / 11:52 am

      Thanks for the lovely comment. I am so glad that both you and Tim not only read this, but enjoyed it! I almost happy cried reading your comment, lol! I truly enjoyed everything about this box, and writing the review. Congratulations on CurlMix and may God continue to bless you.

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