How to Save Money on High-End Makeup & Beauty Products

If you are in the market for high-end makeup or beauty products it’s either because you know the product is great and know that it’s worth the cost, or you think the product will be great and hope that it’s worth the cost.  Either way, most of us want to get our hands on that coveted item without parting with more money than we have to.  Paying attention to where, when and how you shop can help you do just that.  Below are my favourite tried, tested and true methods to shop for high-end beauty products without spending more than necessary:

1. Shop Around.

The brand’s website or store is one of the first places I like to turn when purchasing high-end beauty products.  Sometimes that is a good place to start and end your search as it never hurts to establish a relationship with a brand you love (or may come to love).  Most brands have sales, making it easy to get a good deal.  Some brands even have  salespeople who are willing to help loyal customers get the best deal possible.  But if that doesn’t bring you the most bang for your buck, there are lots of other good options out there.  Retailers, especially department stores, often carry high-end makeup.  They may sell it at a lower price or have better discounts than the brand itself.  When looking for discounts on your favourite luxury green beauty brands, sites such as Petit Vour, Beauty Counter, Beauty HeroesLeVert Beauty, Spirit Beauty Lounge, JCrew, Nordstrom, Saks, Sephora, Haute Look, and are a few places worth trying.  Some retailers will offer a discount code just for subscribing to their email list.  Others, like Sephora and Petit Vour, have rewards programs that can make shopping there even more budget friendly.

Two things to be cautious of when shopping around are imposter and adulterated products.  While I like perusing all the world’s websites looking for clean beauty products, not every site is trustworthy.  If I don’t think that the retailer is authorized, or that there is an authorized retailer of the brand on that site I’ll make my purchase elsewhere.

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2. Be Patient.

Timing your purchases is key.  When a new product comes across my radar, I usually like to subscribe to get emails from the brand.  Knowing that some brands will send you a discount code just for signing up, you might consider delaying that sign-up until you are ready to make your purchase.  Why?  Because those discounts, like all others, have an expiration date.  But more often than not, I’ll subscribe right away and just wait.  During that time I am taking note of emails sent by the company so I can figure out how often the company has sales, what times of year they have sales, and what types of sales they have.  Should I buy at 10% off, or will I be able to wait for a holiday sale and get 30% off?  There are some companies where I know it’s time to buy at 25% off, and others where that number is a lot less.  While waiting for a brand or site that you’ve purchased from before, you might even receive a discount code enticing you to come back after a period of not making a purchase.  In other cases, you might want to wait for a big annual or semi-annual sale and budget to stock up on your favourites at that time.  Wait and see.  Even if the products you want aren’t included in this sale, they might be included in the next.  Depending on what you are buying, who you are buying it from, and how soon you need it, timing can be everything.  Even if timing does not work in your favour, there is more than one way to get a deal.

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3. Be creative. 

How you buy can also be an important factor in saving you money. There are plenty of creative ways to save money when shopping for makeup and other beauty products, especially on-line.  In fact, that is one reason why I like to make most of my beauty and makeup purchases on-line.  One of my favourite sites to get discounts when I otherwise might not is Ebates.  For example, RMS Beauty might not have its Living Luminizer on sale.  So you try JCrew and they might not either.  But if you go to JCrew’s website through Ebates and make your purchase that way, you’ll get cash back, which is just as good as a discount.  Subscription services are another way you can save money.  Subscribing to a clean subscription box like Beauty Heroes, Petit Vour or Vegan Cuts is a great way to fill your makeup bag with high-end green beauty products at a fraction of their normal retail price.  Even if you don’t want to subscribe, many subscription services have marketplaces where you can purchase products that they have featured, at a discount.  Take advantage. Subscription services that don’t cater to green beauty, think Ipsy, Birchbox and the like, also have green beauty products on sale in their marketplace from time to time.

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What is the best way you’ve found to save money on high-end, clean makeup and beauty products?  Share the wealth in the comments section below!

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