The Secret Spice Scent You Need in Your Life

No, I am not talking about a sixth Spice Girl or the newest drink from Starbucks.  Rather, the secret spice scent that you need is brought to us by Live Inspired Organics.  Live Inspired Organics makes “all natural beauty products crafted with love, joy & peace.”  If these three attributes…

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Five Must-See TED Talks on Beauty

Beauty is one of the least straightforward concepts known to man.  The beauty industry, in particular, is so complex and multifaceted that we have to educate ourselves, or at least I do, in order to minimize being susceptible to manipulation by brands, marketing, low self-esteem, and all the various influences…

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The Best Natural Face Mists for Acne-Prone Skin

Facial mist, toner, skin tonic, whatever you call it, there’s no denying that there are real benefits to be had from lightly spraying your face with the right ingredients post cleansing.  Whether your goal is to increase your skin’s moisture levels, balance the pH or combat a persistent skin problem,…

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Get The Perfect Warm Weather Glow With Beautycounter’s Lustro Rose Neroli Body Oil (2.7 fl.oz/80mL)

Some skincare products are meant to be savored, indulged in on special occasions, and even then, only sparingly.  Other skincare products demand to be slathered on, rubbed in and applied daily, becoming more of a beloved, indispensable ritual than mere product application.  Beautycounter’s Lustro Rose Neroli Body Oil is both.…

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The Ancient Beauty Secret That Every Green Beauty Routine Needs

One of the best beauty treatments for our skin is also one of the oldest known to mankind. And it’s something that you probably have in your cupboard or refrigerator right now. If you guessed that this miraculous beauty secret is honey, you guessed right! Despite the fact that honey…

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