African Black Soap – The Natural Way I Faded My Hyperpigmentation

Having clear skin is such an enormous blessing that is easily unappreciated or taken for granted, unless you have personally experienced serious skin problems.  As a teenager, my skin was completely clear and basically problem-free.  It looked great.  However, as an adult, acne became a near permanent feature of my…

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Phoenix Botanicals Pure Plant Perfume & Apothecary – Perfume Oils

Phoenix Botanicals has given me the most intriguing olfactory experiences that I have ever had with any perfume, natural or otherwise.  When my order first arrived, I smelled each perfume in its vial and immediately took to two of the five samples I had ordered; Lavender Noir and Ka Pueo. …

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2016 Green Beauty Holiday Gift Guide (Black Friday through Cyber Monday)

Pour le Monde Parfum Pour le Monde‘s certified 100% natural fine fragrances are vegan, cruelty free and pregnancy safe.  They only offer a discount once a year for the holidays.  Starting on Black Friday, you can buy Pour le Monde in the following ways: November 25th – 28th – Buy…

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R.L. Linden & Co. Thousand Petal Beautifying Mist (2 oz/60 mL)

Initially, I purchased R.L. Linden & Co.‘s Thousand Petal Beautifying Mist to be a desk companion, standing at the ready any time I might need a midday refresh at the office, without the hassle of completely washing my face and reapplying products.  While that is still a lofty and noble…

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Pour le Monde Parfums – Together

There are lots of things in the world of beauty that are simply wrong.  Products that are full of fillers and cheap ingredients being considered “high end” merely because of branding is one pet peeve.  People assuming that a product is of high quality simply because it bears the label of…

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