Trader Joe’s Oatmeal & Honey Soap (Two 4.0 oz bars)

Trader Joe's Oatmeal & Honey Soap Unwrapped

This gentle, sweet-smelling soap is probably the best value for your money in natural soap.  Trader Joe’s 2-pack of 4.0 oz bars retails for $1.69.  One 4.0 oz bar can last for two weeks per person, showering once or twice a day.  It’s smell is great for men and women, it cleans thoroughly, and it doesn’t leave any residue on the skin.

Trader Joe's Oatmeal & Honey Soap Ingredients

Unfortunately, for some odd reason unknown to mankind, Trader Joe’s doesn’t sell its products online.  So for those lucky enough to have access to a Trader Joe’s, or a Pirate Joe’s, stock up.  This is one of the smartest natural soap purchases you can make.

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